The clergy of Mary Help of Christians Chapel are pleased to present a religious calendar for the Year of Our Lord 2024.

We are now making available here for the first time the original pre-Vatican II Catholic Calendar that includes the feasts proper to Australia and New Zealand, as well as the feasts and observances proper to the particular dioceses.

What you will find in the Australasian Catholic Calendar:

  • Do you love the Traditional Liturgy? Our calendar follows the pre-1955 rubrics promulgated by St. Pius X for the Universal Calendar of the Church, with the addition of the Proper Feasts of Australia and New Zealand, as well as the feasts and observances proper to the particular dioceses.
  • What are the particular rules for fasting and abstinence for Australia and New Zealand? The calendar includes the laws of fasting and abstinence granted to Australia and New Zealand by Papal Indult in 1937, and renewed by Pope Pius XII.
  • Do you need space to write notes on your calendar? The calendar follows a two-page format for each month, to allow for making notes.
  • Tired of needing more than one calendar? Secular holidays of Australia and New Zealand are included for convenience; this is the only calendar a Catholic would need.
  • Why wait until next year? The calendar includes the months of both December 2023 and January 2025, so you can already begin to follow the Sacred Liturgy before the New Year begins.
  • Do you need to plan ahead? The calendar includes the Liturgical Year “At-a-Glance” for both 2024 and 2025.
  • Interested in Australasian Catholic History? The calendar has a page of information which gives information about the history, patrons, and cathedrals of each of the different dioceses.

It is our hope that through the use of this religious calendar the Faithful might be able to appreciate the richness of the Catholic culture which was at one time flourishing in this part of the world, and which, through the grace of God, it is our aim to restore.

Order your copy of the Australasian Catholic Calendar today! Calendars will be posted at the beginning of December.

Calendars cost $25 each. Postage for 1-5 calendars within Australia is $5 (1 calendar + postage = $30); international postage for 1-5 calendars is $10 (1 calendar + postage = $35). Please contact us if you wish to purchase a larger quantity, so that we can provide a shipping estimate.